Our Company

About us

Verdeex S.A.S. is a company based in Colombia, a country that has different climates and territories that favor the production of beautiful and innocuous crops. Here, where the sun does not stop shining, expert hands cultivate the land day after day, taking care of their terroir as the greatest natural wealth, and reaping from it, the diversity of agricultural products of high quality, satisfaction and growth.

Verdeex, in a great attempt to cross the geographical borders, delivers these Colombian products to the world, produced with love and tenacity, which at the same time are fresh, clean and healthy for our consumer.

Our corporate footprint



Nuestros corazones vibran con
cada terruño sembrado y con cada producto

Responsabilidad con el medio ambiente

Es el que nos provee las mejores condiciones para el desarrollo de nuestros cultivos.

Responsabilidad social

Cada una de las manos
hace posible que de cada semilla sembrada surja
una próspera cosecha.

Comercio verde

Con nuestros clientes, quienes
reciben productos certificados, limpios y saludables en
su mesa

Comercio justo y responsable

Con nuestros proveedores y clientes quienes reciben como
recompensa productos de un origen que emociona y de
un sabor que sorprende.


Our purpose


Becoming the green pantry of Colombia for the world, with a great variety of textures, colors and flavors produced by powerful hands full of experiences, in fertile soils adorned by the best climates to produce, during the 365 days of the year.


Guaranteed quality

We provide our customers with a GLOBAL G.A.P certification, which guarantees good agricultural practices. With GLOBAL G.A.P, we generate the tranquility that our products have acceptable levels of safety and quality and that they have been produced in a sustainable manner, respecting the health, safety and well-being of human beings, the environment, and in accordance with animal welfare issues.